The Superior Labor Engineer Bag

the superior labor engineer bag

Superior Labor, flagship of Nap, Inc., isn’t a misnomer.

And this bag isn’t just sewn together from disparate parts shipped to a factory, it’s created from elements that belong in concert. It’s treated with the Japanese reverence of the attention to life enveloped in its practical hold. The few craftspeople that have worked on this bag...{

the superior labor engineer bag
the superior labor engineer bag

The heavy-weight canvas forms the body of the bag and features a hand-painted bottom in your choice of red, grey, or black that makes it stand out while protecting it from the ground as it relaxes next to your chair.

“The Superior Labor, made in Japan” is spray-stenciled proudly like a merit badge front and center. The interior is spacious for any large collection and it’s ready to receive the important little things with compartmentalized canvas pockets. After the obvious, you hold onto the vegetable-tanned leather straps that The Superior Labor have given time to soften and patina before being attached by antique brass rivets. The additional rivets that secure the internal pockets are reinforced with finished leather washers. The brass stamp on the cross-body strap is stamped with the maker’s mark, lot number, and production number. All the antique brass: the rivets, stamp, and buckles are hand-made in-house and punched with letters that spell out their mission statement namesake.

Finally, the zipper slider has been etched with an image of, and the name for, the legendary 186 carat diamond Koh-i-noor, shining its facets with its natural excellence - what was once uncut has been given the finishes of shining light. A beautiful metaphor to hide within a product that has the secret luster of its birth and future companionship.

The Superior Labor stands behind the conviction of their name and attach it with total integrity, crafted with heart and strong hands.