Kapital SS'19 Lookbook

There’s a lot of dapper gentlemen at the SS19 menswear party. There’s Ivy Trads on one side of the room, spinning jazz records and comparing notes on tweeds. There’s heritage dudes talking about manly moments in American history and they’re mixing it up with the denimheads who are faded from head to toe (standing around so that they don’t stain the furniture). There’s street style wizards scattered about the place in every walk of subculture.

But the Kapital guys seem to be having the most fun.

A mix of all of it, details dispersed with masterful maturity, but with a mischievous humor. There’s Japanese cotton selvedge bandanas sticking out of the back pocket of sashiko-stitched western jeans.

There’s a cowboy/ronin noragi jacket that takes in the beauty of the rising sun and admires the labor of the southwest landscape. There’s Japanese cultural symbology and swear words, smiley face socks, chore coats that are as comfortable cruising main street as they are at working in the wood shop. There’s button downs that out-embroider western swing kings and vacation shirts more lit up than a tiki bar.

It’s an artistic appropriation that feels like cultural anarchy, but it most certainly isn’t.

Kapital is an exciting blend of cultures in conversation - holding up a very large funhouse mirror that shows us all flowing together. Playfully, Kapital strips away the mystique of our self-imposed borders - a deconstruction of all the favorites that are forever being picked up off the bedroom floor.

Everyone at the party gets it, but not all are sure they’re cool enough to pull it off. It’s a pretty deep pool after all, but truth is: You’re only one fine t-shirt away from going down the big slide.

See the Kapital SS19 Collection on our Youtube channel here.