High Tapered Fit - Ten Denim

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Made from Ten (天) fabric, the denim stands for knotty and spotty, but also for the sky, which sums the characteristics of this slubby lightweight fabric perfectly. At 12.5oz, this super low tension fabric is extremely breathable without compromising on texture that is usually only found on denim a lot heavier. The combination of Texas cotton and Pima cotton for the warp and South American (Peru) cotton for the weft allow for some of the most irregular and textured denim that Tanuki have ever made (and that's saying something). The density of the weft is a lot higher than the warp yarn which results in all the slub and hairiness you could hope for. Another important aspect of this fabric is the dye. While the warp yarn is rope-dyed in pure indigo, the horizontal threads of the weft demonstrate a light beige with the cheese dyeing method they use. Everything that can be done to a jean, is done here to produce a favorite denim to wear into old age.

Fit is true to normal waist size.

  • 12.5oz Selvedge Denim
  • Rope Dyed Indigo
  • Slim Fit with a Higher Rise
  • Stitched Ni "Tradition & Change" Logo
  • Antique Gold Shanks
  • Riveted Pockets
  • Gingham Pocket Liners
  • Contrast Blue Interior Threads
  • Made in Japan