Kung Fu Sashiko Pants - Black

$549.50 USD $785.00
By Cottle


Cottle products all have a very rich back-story and we wanted to share that in their own words...

"I made Easy Baker Pants with COTTLE's interpretation, which I think I would want to wear on a daily basis. There is a type of cotton linen fabric and a type using plain sashiko fabric. There are two types of cotton linen that are dyed with ink and indigo. You can see the moderate graininess of the hemp, and it beautifully creates the color accumulation and aging of the natural dyeing. By making the sashiko fabric plain, it has the potential to be easy to coordinate with the outerwear. In both cases, a thick cedar tape is passed through the waist, and the tough design that is easy to move like a casual judo suit is attractive."

Black Colorway.