Champetre Craft Jacket - Authentic Indigo

$1,330.99 USD $1,900.00
By Cottle


Cottle products all have a very rich back-story and we wanted to share that in their own words...

"Champetle bouquet" (French), which means rural, field. There is a sophisticated atmosphere in the natural atmosphere. Reminiscent of the countryside, like a bunch of flowers blooming in the field "Champetle Bouquet Jacket" with attractive beauty that does not decorate. Made from Gala Organic Spinning Melody Silk Cotton. Small cotton balls called fallen cotton of organically grown cotton have short fibers, so it was a material that was originally discarded, which cannot be made into thread. By the spinning machine-Garabou Spinning Machine, which was invented in Japan in the early Meiji era. It will be reborn as a thread with the same expression as a hand-spun spinning wheel. It is an original material woven by multiplying organic cotton with silk. Due to manual dyeing, there are color unevenness and color accumulation on each point. Please consider only those who can understand that as one of the textures."