Welcome to the Style Compass! It's a short, little quiz that magically determines where on the spectrum your tastes are currently with immediate results of your style archetype. From there you have your cardinal direction and can shop your tastes directly or stretch your style within another archetype.

No need to answer any questions that you’d rather not, or that don’t apply. (Also, because we sell menswear, these questions are geared more toward guys, but if you’re a woman, or you identify with more gender fluidity, we encourage you to still take it just to see the results.) It’s fun and will only take a few minutes...

After the quiz, you can explore your archetype below (and the others) to see if we got it right. Let us know!

True Classic

One thing that will never change is the need to lace up your boots and get to it. Whether it’s the work of the weekend or your daily endeavor, you continue the legacy of independence and perseverance and you want timeless gear that's built with integrity by craftspeople. Quality over quantity.

Style Executive

You know what you're doing and you like to keep it sharp. You appreciate the finer points of well-crafted classics. Though you may be a jeans and tee kind of person around the house, you take care when going out. Smart and intentional.


You know what you like and you wear it with confidence. You’re tuned into what’s legitimately cool - ahead of the curve and willing to take some risks. But your style doesn’t follow rules or dress codes, it's all about personal taste. Casual and cool.

Fearless Leader

You know the rules and how to break them. When others try to copy, they just can’t seem to get it right. That’s ok. You’re comfortable leading by example. The world is changing; styles that were once your bread and butter have become old hat, but your understanding and flexibility allows you to pivot perfectly, wearing your own style within the greater context. Personal and considered.