This Father's Day, as we celebrate the men that were always there for us, we had the opportunity to sit down with some of our customers and friends that are proud dads.  

Thanks to the following four for sharing their thoughts and wisdom.  And to all the fathers out there - whether they have calloused hands or candid thoughts, dancing feet or dirty jeans - cheers to you.  Because a good dad is a king.

canoe club dad interviews wearing la paz, mountain research, and buttero


Vice President of Sales Marketing for Summit Integrated Systems


Ella- 14
Zane - 12

(pictured wearing La Paz and Mountain Research)


Favorite gift from the kiddos 

For my 39th Birthday, they wrote 39 different reasons why they love me or things they like about me and left them in a trail downstairs to breakfast. That was the coolest. The stuff that they wrote was really personal and you could tell that they put a lot of thought into it. That’s hands down the coolest thing they’ve ever given me. They’ve bought me a ridiculous amount of Adidas swag that I love as well, but that doesn’t take the cake.


Go-to dad meal

Meatball subs.


Something learned from your dad that you use as a dad

I always feel like my dad, regardless of what he did, always had a really strong work ethic and always hustled. So for me, I always saw him working hard for the family, and he instilled those values in me. I really respect hard work and hustle, and people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. So, I’ve always tried to be that model for the kids as well. Life happens, circumstances happen, but you can always hustle-- not accept what’s happened in front of you, but push through. That’s always been my mantra, so to speak.


Something you’ve passed down

On the intangible side: I’ve always tried to be a hospitable person, so I really want them to be welcoming, hospitable people. To always be open handed with the stuff and the things they have in life, because if we hoard it all, what’s the point? We’re given these blessings in life to be able to give freely. 

Tangible: I always hoped that my son would be a watch guy, so I could pass down my Hamilton wrist watch to him. Also, my Ginew Chore Coat-- that’s why I bought it. I have a Levi’s Type II Jacket that was my wife’s father’s; I hope to pass that down to Zane or Ella someday. They’re really the only things I own that are unbelievable and timeless.

Canoe Club Father's Day Interview Nick with Family

Canoe Club Interview with Ron looking cool wearing Sugarcane, Engineered Garments, Amado, and Brand Black


Principal at John M Smyth Magnet School


Jonathan - 37
Marley- 26
Omari - 24

(pictured wearing Sugarcane, Engineered Garments, Amado, and Brand Black)


Favorite dad memories

When Omari was 2 or 3, he was watching me shave in the bathroom. I told him I loved him and he said “That’s why I chose you.” I had just got done with a book called Blinded by the Light, about how people choose to come here and choose their families. So that was powerful.

For Marley, there was a time when she was 4 years old, and she thought she was going on 15. She told me she was going to run away, so I said, “You can only run away with the things that are yours, that I didn’t buy you.” So she took off all her clothes and left the house, and I had to chase her down the street.

I met Jonathan when he was 25. So, we gave him a surprise baby shower at 25, since I didn’t have a chance to be there when he was born.


Something learned from your dad that you use as a dad

I learned so much from my dad. One of the things I’m trying to implement that he did, was that he didn’t have a lot of words, but his words were always so powerful. Another thing is that, I raised my kids by myself, so I had to be mom/dad/brother, the whole nine-- so in that, I learned from my father to stay consistent, love your family, and try to be of little words. That’s what I’m working on.


Something you’ve passed down

I want my kids to be comfortable in their skin. I want them to never forget who they are. To be citizens that contribute to make the world a better place. And family first.


Something they talk about that you don’t understand

Snapchat. Everybody’s always taking pictures of themselves and sending videos, and I’m like, why?


Tactic for diffusing a kid meltdown

I’ve got a look that lets them know I’m serious that worked when they were younger. One of the things I’m really trying to work on in their adulthood, is being more patient. The great thing about the evolution of family and children is trying to figure out how to let go of grown kids that you love so much. So, that’s hard. I’ve always tried to fix things, but recognizing that I can’t always fix it. And that there will be meltdowns and people need time. The thing about getting older is that there’s never enough time, it’s so short. The older you get the more you appreciate it.

Canoe Club Father Interview Ron and Family Hanging out and being cool

Canoe Club Interview with Brian with his shadow selvedge jacket and handsome face


Digital Marketing Consultant


Stasio - 5
Atticus - 3

(pictured wearing 3Sixteen and Lady White Co.)


Favorite dad joke

Oh man, I’ve got a lot of those. Probably:

‘What time is it?’
Then they’ll guess a time, and I’ll say:
‘It’s Now. It’s always and only ever now.’


Favorite dad saying

Our main job is to grow.


Something learned from your dad that you use as a dad

I tell them all the time that I’m glad they’re here. ‘Did I tell you today that I’m glad you’re here?’


Best prank on or by your kids

They make these junk popsicles where they put all of the nastiest food they can find into one popsicle, like salt and milk and cumin and vinegar, then try to trick me into eating one. They think is it hilarious.  I definitely fell for it the first time.


Tactic for diffusing a kid meltdown

Distract, obfuscate, confuse.

Canoe Club Dad with Halloween Kids, Cowboy and Spiderman

Canoe Club Father Interview Ben drinking Miller Lite Wearing Orslow, Railcar, and Knickerbocker while sitting by a campfire in Wisconsin


Freelance Writer


Parker - 12
Wren - 8

(pictured wearing Knickerbocker Mfg. Co., orSlow, and Railcar Fine Goods)


Most commonly asked question:

'Dad, I've got a question.'
'I’m hungry.'
'That’s not a question.'


Favorite gift from the kids:

It’s sappy, but: Becoming a dad.  I remind them all the time how thankful I am that they made me a dad and nothing means more to me.  Still working on living up to their love and trust is the gift I return.


Go-to dad meal

Homemade pizza.  My dad’s was pancakes.  Pancakes for dinner.


Favorite dad saying

“We’re on the same team.”

Also, we made this acrostic poem using our last name with the family tenets.  Trust each other. Invest in the future. Mind your manners. And Pursue integrity. I have to ask them too often what the “M” in our name means.


Something you built with your kids

A spring-loaded piston punching machine. Parker dreamed it up and I helped him work out the details.


Something learned from your dad that you use as a dad

Be there when they need you and do so without judgement.  

Doing Awesome Dad Stuff

 Thanks to all you kings out there!


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