About Us

Menswear culture is about more than fashion. It’s about where good things come from, how they’re worn, and where they go. After decades of cumulative experience within the fashion industry, a small group of collectors and enthusiasts determined to create a cultural home for style and to bolster conversations about the connection to value through the daily appreciation of looking your best.

At the corner of Eighth and Pearl in beautiful downtown Boulder, CO is Canoe Club - a place to speak at every depth about what style can mean.

For every man who wears their heart on their sleeves and shows their adventures through the holes in their jeans…

Style is Personal.

boulder store open daily

777 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Our Boulder, Colorado brick and mortar is the home for the friendships we’ve fostered, a place for modern men to speak at every depth about the culture they’ve chosen.

M - SA

10 - 6


12 - 5