The Way of What: B. Timp’s Manifesto on Menswear

Thoughts on the importance of personal style from a personal style point of view.

If I like something, anything, I want to know more.

I’m a curious guy.

I don’t piss my money away on cheap shit.

I do my research and make a decision. It’s often even a good one.

I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny, I buy hormone free chicken (most of the time), have an appropriate gamble worth of Bitcoin, and I take fish oil supplements.

I read five books on beekeeping before I even got my first hive. Fast forward ten years and I’m rockin a whole beeyard of hives and a veritable library on the subject.

I do my research before I commit. (Almost all the time.)

I once walked barefoot across hot coals in my buddy Bill’s backyard without getting burned. I know the way. I’d read about it enough to understand the how of the least by the second time I tried it.

That research and dedication to every subject of interest has led to many things.

I did a stint as Village President, Farm to School VP, have started multiple successful businesses, have my S190/S130 certification, chainsaw safety cert., am a master gardener, a wedding officiant...

I’ve built wooden chairs with hand-tools, patented and prototyped hardware and beekeeping supplies, made a quilt, make hot sauce to sell at market, grow sage for a distillery, and I published a children’s book. Tonight I’m attending an art show for a piece I created that won a state award.

And right now I’m working as a copywriter bringing this message to you.

I do a lot of stuff. But so what?

My mother-in-law used to say, “you ain’t so mucking fuch.” And she’s right.

I’ve had a lot of help along the way. Friends and neighbors have given me incredible amounts of their time to teach me all manner of really useful skills. More than that, they’ve given me their personal stories and the wisdom behind the things.

“So what’s the point then? Your company sells menswear. It’s not like you’re solving worldly problems.”

But that’s where you’d be wrong.

Now Ok, I admit, menswear is not a cure for cancer.

In the scheme of things, it’s just a little piece. But those pieces add up.

It’s something everybody can do.

Everybody can give a shit about what they do and do it top-shelf.

And I’m not just talking about supporting ethical practices in the garment industry.

In today’s global workforce, third world companies with shitty labor practices subsidize our laundry. It’s shameful really.

That stuff is vitally important. But that’s not the only thing I’m talking about.

I’m talking about being a human and how to walk through life satisfied.

It’s the butterfly effect. Laugh all you want. It’s not sappy. Well, maybe a little, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

If you look good, you feel good and people want to hang with you.

And!... then there’s the story behind it.

The story is important too.
Super important.

Look, since mankind discovered fire (and maybe even before) we’ve been telling each other stories around it.

It’s our way of making sense out of it all. It’s also a way to teach and to learn.

Stories are responsible for kinship, culture, and (besides farming) for civilization itself.

The stories matter.

They matter a lot.

Art and beauty matter.

The motivation for which they’re made matters.

All we can do is to play our part right.

Our thing at Canoe Club is menswear.

Style for us is more than fashion.

Fashion is a dirty, little word. Style, on the other hand, connects us to our chosen culture.

It’s the society-facing sign used to identify thoughts and emotions.

I have friends that poo poo it, call it peacock posturing, but whether they like it or not, style dictates a lot of who they are and where they’re going.

It’s a signifier. But you know that. You’re already here.

We’re glad you are. You’re part of the global conversation.


I do my research and write about the experiences and development of things that make a difference. A difference that affects our daily stride.

These Back-Stories we do on products and brands that we believe in - they matter.

We spend a lot of time and money bringing you that content. It’s an investment, but it’s totally worthwhile.

It’s an honest attempt to affect something positive - just like voting with your dollars or putting on a favorite shirt.

It’s both things.

It’s the daily appreciation that adds up to lifelong satisfaction.

Search all over the internet and you won’t find better info on menswear.

If you do, you should send it to me. I want to read that and be better because of it.

So, share this stuff with your friends.

The story of style is for everyone.

I look forward to showing you around and sharing the conversation.

Thanks for reading, and welcome.

B. Timp of Canoe Club

PS- feel free to hit me back directly if you have comments on all this. Love it? Hate it? Let me know. I’m interested if anyone else thinks about this like I do.