Since 1989, Yuketen have been making footwear that reflects a global perspective by incorporating an eclectic but tasteful palate of details with strong roots in tradition - footwear that is built to endure and age beautifully with an impressive forward looking aesthetic. Each style has its own historical reference and thematic era, building on those lessons by rearranging heritage details - combining stitches, hardware, and refining lines - reevaluating fit, and constantly improving - season by season, millimeter by millimeter - until the final product has earned its integrity.

Machines can’t make the shoes that Yuketen does; they need to be contemplated into form from the finest raw materials.

Crafted by hand in the US by experienced leather artisans, Yuki Matsuda designs through their skill and an experienced eye from a lifetime of vintage collection. Embracing the traditional American rugged aesthetics with Japanese attention to detail, Yuketen makes unique, durable, and steadfast footwear.

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