You Must Create

YMC started making modern, understated, and comfortably handsome clothes in the mid 90’s when men’s fashion was baggy skate-influenced slacker wear. Menswear trends finally caught up to YMC. 

Founded by designer Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, the YMC brand is an abbreviation of the first three words taken from one of the pioneers of American Industrial Design, Raymond Loewy. When asked how he saw the future of design, he answered with a call-to-action: “You must create your own design style.” Fraser Moss comes from the school of form follows function, but additionally his knowledge and love of subversive music and art inspires an individualist’s closet of compatible cool with recognizable quality and quiet prestige. It’s the art of looking good without looking like you’re trying too hard to look good. 

Timeless, yet modernly relevant, YMC makes directional clothes that form the foundation of a wardrobe, leading with a sauntering sagacity of daily appreciation. The clean aesthetic of YMC is the distinction of detail with an emphasis on texture and a play with color and print.

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