Velva Sheen

Velva Sheen, started in Cincinnati in 1932, became the standard of basic blanks for souvenir shops, schools, camps, and the US Armed Forces, using iron-ons and later ink printing for customized logos and graphics. Their early use of the four needle machine, fabrication, and design was the premium for sportswear staples, renowned for tubular knitting their tees for longer wear with limited stretching.

Closing their doors in 1999, they were faithfully resurrected by Hide Murase and the Topwin Company in 2009. Topwin, the Japanese company promoting heritage and workwear brands like Five Brother and Pistolero, has stayed true to Velva Sheen’s mission of producing long-lasting sportswear and solid foundation basics - recreating the original packaging, labels, and production style. 

Velva Sheen is now headquartered in LA, making versatile, vintage-inspired basics in the USA using domestic cotton.