The Vital Main

From the Rough Rider’s three-button pullover to the 1920’s pea coat, we’ve kept the triumphs of functionality and style while throwing away fads like they were unmatched socks.  We struck gold in denim jeans and built railroads home in leather boots.  We put on double-breasted suits and sought Reconstruction.  We've had dreams and resolve, marching hand in hand down long roads in black oxfords.  We put on standard issue naval T’s and fixed the Ford.  We put on tuxedos and married our best friends.

Here we are, as innovative as ever, as powerful as ever, and more versatile than ever.

The daily ritual of appreciation starts every morning as you put on one pant leg at a time, throw on a shirt, and wrap the present with a belt.  On top of that foundation, you write your own style.  By the time you’ve had your coffee and tied your shoes, you’re ready for today’s adventure.

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