The Superior Labor

The Superior Labor, flagship brand of the multifaceted and naturally connected and constructed Nap, Inc is a brand of devout craftsmanship. Nestled into the mountainside near Okayama, husband and wife team Makoto and Yoshimi guide fellow artists in ethical production. They compose products that promote the characteristics of the raw materials sourced in-house or locally, making waste negligible. No detail is hurried and the products are made by the few members of their staff, guiding each piece through to its final best. Their slowed down process of careful consideration ensures that each piece is slightly different. Every part of every piece is given attention; all the brass is stamped or etched, stencils are carved and paint is applied by brush, the leather is given time to soften and patina before being cut, dyed, and assembled. A slogan is stamped on their products that reads: “We take pride in craftsmanship and never skimp on time and effort,” and the reverence with which it’s treated is felt before it’s promoted. Holding a piece of their craft is a statement of beliefs and is an optimistic counter to the normal state of consumerism. It’s all right there in the name.