Shuttle Notes Master Cloth

The Ueyama Group has been around since 1948, establishing a reputation for quality in textiles, parentally building fabrics for private labels for over 70 years. In 2015, the Ueyama Group launched their own line: Shuttle Notes Master Cloth. Instead of having a design and producing fabric to bend to a pattern, Shuttle Notes takes an opposite approach to manufacturing - putting the fabric first and designing around it. They create small collections of their own signature - “prideful designs” made by craftsmen. 

Using spinning equipment from the 40s that produces naturally uneven yarns with neps and shuttle looms that carefully balance efficiency with interaction, Shuttle Notes gives the cloth possibility and personality. The textiles produced here have grown and developed through three generations and these master shirtmakers touch every step of the process, never disconnected from the details. By slow weaving with lower warp yarn tension, each finished piece has a softer handfeel and is further nuanced by the cultural and personal reverence for Shokunin - the spiritual and material dedication of craft as a social compassion and reverence for life. In their own words, they are “placing the whole history of craftsmanship in concert with the present.”