Remi Relief

From the concept that something good is born only when modification is added to each creative process while excess is removed, Remi Relief remixes with creativity and ingenuity while relieving us from distracting clutter. Founder and designer Yutaka Goto from his factory in the Kojima Okayama prefecture is a specialist in processing, taking a dedication to textile development and a constant commitment to researching new technologies, processing methods, and printed pigments in his pursuit of the Ultimate Basic. Prioritizing quality over quantity, careful attention is given to threads, yarns, knitting, color, and process. He does all that serious work for his playful and laid-back surf and skate culture brand that shines brightly at the heyday of West Coast style. The motto of “high quality life” combines quality fabrics and expert construction with the coolest style that ever rode a wave or surfed a sidewalk.
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