Pure Blue Japan

Masters of slubby denim, Pure Blue Japan (aka Syoaiya Inc.) have been making signature blue gold since 1997. Most of their denim is rolled off a single machine - one that has been calibrated to rollout an uneven, hairy weave - translating the language of loom chatter into slubby selvedge with depth of character in the fade. Their truly rare weaves are the apex for raw denim enthusiasts - tight honeycombs that burst through with the deepest indigo rainbows.

Founded in the historic city of Kurashiki in Japan’s Okayama prefecture, designer Ken-Ichi Iwaya’s twenty year pursuit of signature denim continues, producing small lots of blue line selvedge with the same passion and commitment. Stitched on the back right pocket of every Pure Blue Japan jeans is a leaf from the indigofera plant, representing the mission of the company: To manufacture the purest, most genuine, and living blue jeans the world over.

Rope-dyed in the yarn with originally developed dye by indigo artists from a centuries old tradition of craftspeople, Pure Blue Japan has turned America’s workwear staple into a completely Japanese product with a profundity for their indigo heritage. The yarns are then produced into fabric by a meticulously maintained shuttle loom for signature fabrics that age organically. When stitched together, the result is the ultimate handcrafted jeans.

If you wear jeans hard, you won’t find a better, more personalized fade.