Post Overalls

Takeshi Ohfuchi started the workwear craze when he started POST O’ALLS (or Post Overalls) in 1993. POST O’ALLS takes very consistent workwear and makes them with super interesting Japanese fabrics, elevating superb vintage detailing to exceptional flair. 

Ohfuchi began collecting vintage through the 80s with special attention to the detailing of the 20s and 30s. Those decades pushed the ingenuity of designers due to the intersection of old world craftsmanship combining with the then emerging Machine Age. The master craftsman of that period had firm footing in traditional trade-skills, but with new toys to accelerate their craft, design advanced overall quality without losing anything to higher production speeds. POST O’ALLS pays homage to this period of heritage workwear and functional garments, but with a signature of compelling fabrics.

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