Philleywood makes luxury, craftsman deerskin gloves - best in style, detailing, fit, and longevity.

Founder and designer Paul Wood previously worked for Sector9 Skateboards and developed their line of technical “slide” gloves for the downhill skateboarding community, balancing protection with maneuverability. 

In his personal life, Paul was rediscovering his love of cycling and while he continued to design apparel and gloves for other brands, he began searching for a way to apply his knowledge to his passion.

Together, with a US-based craftsman of classic driving gloves, a prototype was developed. This first pair was field tested for thirteen months and covered 5200 miles with Paul and his bike. Not only were they not worn out, but they had become better by fit and personality. With that proof of product, Philleywood was created - the best leather gloves in style and function.