Phaidon is the premier global publisher of the creative arts. Founded in Vienna in 1923 by Dr. Bela Horovitz and Ludwig Goldscheider, Phaidon started with a fervent attention to handsome design and elegant layout at a price that brought art into the home. Pioneers of the art book format, Phaidon has successfully shared their zeal for innovations in art for nearly a century. Their tradition of scholarship, high quality color plates, heavy weight paper, and beautiful case wrapped bindings ensure that the integrity of the subject is promoted to its fullest. 

A German edition of Plato’s works was amongst their first publications, and it is from the character of Phaidon, a pupil of Socrates and speaker in Plato’s dialogue on the immortality of the soul, that Horovitz named his company - a fitting inspiration for the enduring wisdom and profundity that they publish. The classic Phaidon book emerged in 1937 when large format books with vivid colors were issued on Van Gogh, Botticelli, and the French Impressionists. When the Nazis took power in Austria in WWII, Phaidon relocated to London where they remain headquartered today, growing into a global company with additional offices in New York, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, and Tokyo - keeping their fingers on the pulse of cultural milestones and creative innovation. Each book is designed meticulously and the content is carefully curated to showcase inspiring imagination and creativity.