Mister Freedom

French expat Christophe Loiron, aka Mister Freedom, is a household name for vintage collectors. Traveling the world over for his unflagging passion of storied style from the 1850s on, he’s created an eclectic collection from periods when people didn’t just hope for quality, but expected it and made it their own - carrying their lives through work and adventure. Christophe Loiron is the kind of guy that can name every member of every band and what side projects and studio appearances they’ve had - only he does that with vintage. His knowledge of details is vast and heartfelt. Each piece of vintage he collects is like hanging out with a wise old friend and taking the time to allow the story to unfold at its own rhythm. He’s been telling those stories at his shop in Hollywood since 2003 where his conversant collections are shared. And then, starting in 2006, Mister Freedom made a handshake deal with Sugar Cane Co to begin a contemplative collaboration that have taken his emotional understanding of vintage gold and allowed for that inspiration to write new stories. 

Mister Freedom makes two collections a year based on an original story and script, playing with fictional characters in an historical backdrop. His new pieces are modern day classics, both recognizable and exceptional for their nuanced fitting and details. These new vintage pieces aren’t reproductions or trends, but are alternate histories, plausible pieces of historic understanding that never existed, but should have. Combining new fabrics milled to their specs in Japan, vintage materials, New Old Stock trims, and recycled military hardware put together with original patterns, Mister Freedom creates progress that honors the past. Additionally, as part of their made in USA efforts, they manufacture limited editions of originals in their in-house workspace as well as sourcing from locally run small factories vetted for their ethical standards. This is some of the most individually creative stuff out there while still honoring traditional craftsmanship and ethical production commitments.