Misc Goods Co

Misc. Goods Co started through creativity born from adversity. When Tyler Deeb got to his desk, he discovered that his freelance graphic design work had dried up. Intrigued by the historical wealth of design in playing cards and seeking to hone his skills, he designed a jack of spades. The next day was the same, no work, so he designed the queen of spades. For three months, as his family used up their savings, the story was the same, but what he did have was a completed deck of cards, redesigned front to back. Launching a kickstarter campaign in 2012, Tyler was given the opportunity to produce his nuanced and detail driven playing cards. A deck of cards nearly as valuable as the stories shared across the table between family and friends. 

Expanding the product line to include leather goods, ceramic slip casted flasks, and solid colognes, Misc. Goods Co's approach to leisure is shooting the moon with a hand too good to fold. An eye on art and hands at play.