Master & Dynamic

The New York City based premium audio brand Master & Dynamic has been crafting sophisticated sound tools since 2014, but they assert more than science and precision. Tonal pleasure meets with rich artistic design - balancing aesthetics, strength, comfort, and sound for a deeper experience of your favorite melodies. 

Inspired by a pair of 1940s headphones while touring a DC museum, owner Jonathan Levine was impressed by how good they still looked, having been made with durable materials such as stainless steel, heavy grain leather, forged and machined anodized aluminum, and woven copper cable, they had stood up to time. From there he began to assemble a team of sound techs, artists, and craftspeople at the top of their game. 

Using the finest materials to make the most durable headphones to set the rhythm for your footsteps, Master & Dynamic have created masterful audio products for creative minds - worthy of stacks of wax, bassy beats, and piano concertos. Designed to last with key parts made to be easily replaceable when finally worn out, these are the last pair of headphones you’ll need. Tuned expertly for a detailed, rich, and warm sound, the only other thing you’ll need to consider is the quality of your collection of recordings.