Manastash is high-style, casual outdoor gear label for those urbanites that run into the woods at the first sign of the weekend. They’re an eco-friendly, outdoor-oriented, fashion/travel/streetwear brand that highlights the fashion in the function.

Started by Rob Jungmann (the maverick hemp clothing pioneer that would later start Jungmaven) in 1993 while he was still in college in Seattle, Washington. Named after a trail in the Cascades that extends from B.C. Canada, top to bottom of Washington, and all the way into northern Cali, Manastash was founded on the principles of stewardship for our natural areas.

Manastash is one of the first brands to utilize hemp for clothing in the modern era, but due to the expense of retooling for the fiber, the quality and consistency was a challenge and the company experienced financial difficulties competing with an ever cheaper cotton tradition and the expectations of the American consumer. Thankfully, Manastash’s Tokyo retailer determined to invest in the project and revitalize the pioneering work that the company started. Today, Manastash is headquartered in Tokyo under designer Fuji.

Adding to the hemp cloth foundation, Manastash incorporates other sustainable materials such as recycled fleece and deadstock as well as modern performance fabrics like Pertex, eVent, and Primaloft - and in coupling sustainability and design - neither has been compromised. With signature colors and patterns, years were spent developing their fabrics into the smooth and soft handed excellence that can perform in the great outdoors.

“Functional, stylish, and earth-friendly clothing based on the free-wheeling lifestyle.”