Malibu Sandals

When Malibu Sandals designer Kevin O’Neill wanted to make the most comfortable and stylish sandals he could, he set forth by looking back.

In the 1950’s when SoCal surfers began making trips south seeking clean, heavy waves, they brought back with them stories of consistent swells and reliable breaks at Mexico’s beautiful beaches. They also came home with traditional huarache sandals on their feet and incorporated them into their casual cool style.

Mexican huarache sandals have clear design links between Mayan sandals and pre-hispanic footwear pictured on ancient codices. The intricately woven pattern increases the sandals durability, but it’s also an iconic design that has its own primal language.

Malibu Sandals combine the ancient craft of huarache sandal-making with contemporary footwear design and engineering techniques - all hand-crafted with vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and water friendly materials. Sandals that have been reimagined and designed in Southern California, where surfers still explore the Pacific shoreline and match versatile comfort with sunny cool.