Larry Smith

Since ancient times, Native Americans have adapted to their environment and coexisted harmoniously with nature while maintaining their traditions through strongest adversity. This spirit is in their daily walk and embodied in their art. Hasashida Yoshifumi has long admired Native culture and started his explorations by making Native American handicrafts and leatherwork, eventually advancing to the world of silver jewelry. Though most of his skill set was developed through self-study, his reverence for Native American traditions in art led to an artist exchange program where he further developed his understanding of their techniques during his residency. In 2009, Yoshifumi started Larry Smith, producing intricately crafted silver jewelry that is heavily inspired by the traditional style of the late 1800s to 1940s with a modern subtext where it promotes each piece’s craft and beauty. 

Using natural motifs and elements, Larry Smith is an homage to Native cultures, but also by incorporating Japanese technology and poetic sensibilities, the designs become delicate and sophisticated signatures of metal that are frozen in motion.
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