Go Barefoot

Go Barefoot is one of the original producers of Aloha Shirts - that unique vacation style of Japanese/Hawaiian-American heritage that we can thank for Casual Friday. (Read more on that here.)

After WWII, Isamu Takabuki formed Iolani Sportswear in Hawaii and he also purchased Aloha Boeki (a screenprinting company in Kyoto, Japan) to print his fabric with designs by Hawaiian artists. The brand was later renamed Mr. Hawaii with garment labels “Go Barefoot in Paradise,” later shortened to “Go Barefoot.”

Now in its third generation, Isamu Takabuki’s grandson Craig Hara is now the president of Mr. Hawaii. For over 60 years, Mr. Hawaii and their clothing label Go Barefoot have been designing and producing the finest quality Aloha Shirts and beachwear. All the prints are still created by Hawaiian artists and created in the same Japanese fabric company that they started with in the early fifties.