Freemans Sporting Club

Freemans Sporting Club is the aesthetic ecosystem for the man of today. Started in 2005, Kent Kilroe, William Tigertt, and Taavo Somer created a club-like atmosphere for the modern man in the Lower East Side of New York. Adding to their menswear brick-and-mortar is a timeless barbershop - complete with a complimentary glass of Dewars, as well as the Freemans Restaurant next door - inspired by colonial American taverns and serving simple, but thoughtful fare. Everything the dapper man of action needs down one alley - places of comfortable distinction. 

Freemans Sporting Club sells shirts and custom made suits designed by co-owner Taavo and stitched by famed Brooklyn clothier Martin Greenfield, whose suiting has been on the heavily loaded shoulders of presidents from Eisenhower to Clinton. These are high-quality, New York built and tailored clothes that blend muscular American workwear with fashionable sentimentality for the man that looks good through all his interests and business.