Dr. Collectors

Olivier Grasset began collecting vintage in his native France when he was 15. In the 80s he began re-selling vintage Americana and Levi’s deadstock from a storefront in Orange, France and by the 90s he had one of the largest denim collections in all of Europe. He had been designing and refabricating the whole time, eventually landing in LA with his wife and son in 2005. On a collecting trip to the Rose Bowl in 2010, Olivier, Beatrice, and Teddy (RIP) purchased a gross of vintage bandanas that they then sewed together, overdyed, and sold. The success of those sales led to the creation of Dr. Collectors and the line has continued to expand, growing into a lifestyle brand with an indigo soul - small batch workwear inspired by their native French roots and love of American blue jean culture. Olivier Grasset believes that their strongest selling point is in seeing and feeling the fabric and at their brick-and-mortar, the LA Trading Post on La Brea Avenue, the incarnation of the family’s lifelong passion can be witnessed. 

Dr. Collectors produces everything in small manufacture - including indigo hand-dyeing at the Grasset home. Everything is 100% American, from the fabric to the tools they use, and all the garments are made in LA. Everything is designed with sincere attention to detail, a focus on lasting construction, and each piece bears its own unique but subtle mark of craftsmanship.