Chamula is one of Yuki Matsuda’s considered projects. Also the designer behind Yuketen, Monitaly, and Epperson Mountaineering under the creatively dynamic Meg Company Collective, Matsuda takes vestiges of cultural significance and spotlights their value through the lens of deferential fashion. For Chamula, Matsuda was inspired during a trip he took to Mexico’s rural highlands where he witnessed a cottage industry of craftsmanship that shines with its rich native culture.

Chamula helps to preserve the traditional art of those handmade goods from the Michoacán region of Mexico. The delicate weaving techniques creates a product of intricacy and strength easily recognized in Chamula’s huarache sandals and leather accessories. Using only the finest vegetable tanned leather that breathes as it does in nature, the lightweight shoes are a celebration of summer and casual sophistication.

Like the leather work, Chamula knits are an exploration of Michoacán craft and given their due attention. Using merino wool from local sheep, the knits are produced from start to finish by one set of hands - making each piece a personal commitment and story.

All of Chamula’s products are imbued with the careful handiwork of craftsmen and women that Chamula honors and promotes, all handmade in Mexico with generational traditions and skills.

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