Buttero is named after the legendary Tuscan cowboys that roamed the marshes of Maremma and were the cavalieri of the 14th and 15th centuries. It’s told that when Buffalo Bill took his show to Northern Italy to show off cowboy skills, that the Butteri, after centuries of developing those skills, were unimpressed by the Wild West Show. They challenged Buffalo Bill and his troupe to a contest of skills that ultimately showed the infamous wrangler that the Wild West was still in grade school. 

Mauro Sani started Buttero to honor those cowboys with a mission to create the best riding boots in the world, and for over 70 years his three sons and family of craftspeople have been doing just that in the heart of Tuscany where they hide the best vegetable-tanned leather. 

No longer just bootmakers, Buttero have taken their traditional hand-sewn craftsmanship to sneakers and more, innovating functional style to modern footsteps - combining comfort, endurance, and beauty with the natural perfume of leather.

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