Designer and sneaker maestro David Raysse has spent decades refining his craft. While still in college and playing ball at the age of 22, Raysse created the Grant Hill II, one of FILA’s most iconic designs of all time. Out of college, Raysse became the Director for Basketball at adidas before returning to FILA. Brandblack is his answer to the bureaucracy of working at a major - cutting out the extra static and maintaining the purity of his design concepts. 

At their core, Brandblack is a performance sneaker company and stemming from that value is a high fashion aesthetic. Protégé of legendary French designer Philippe Starck, David Raysse simplifies the product down to pure ideas, investing in materials, performance details, and months of wear testing. Every single detail is considered in the pursuit - foam paddings, interior lining construction, tongue feel, rubber quality, and breathability to name a few.

Though relatively few, top-tier retailers currently hold Brandblack, the company invests into the community through youth basketball leagues, creating a buzz in the sneakerhead world. For three years, Jamal Crawford proudly wore signature Brandblack sneakers on the court, a testament to the quality of shoe competing in the world of Nike. They continue pushing boundaries by running with new ideas instead of endlessly copying a once successful mold. 

Brandblack wants real ballers and people who can understand a superior shoe.

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