Big Yank

Big Yank was started by Reliance Mfg. Co. of Chicago in 1919 and thrived through the 40’s as a workwear label - becoming notable for its unique designs. Its patented asymmetrical cigarette pockets, known in Japan as the Gacha Pocket and Yama Pocket were first introduced in 1929 and 1942 respectively and have since been widely collected vintage gold and copied by many designers today. Other notable elements included a curved back yoke, triple needle stitching, bartacking throughout, action elbows and eyelet ventilation. Due to the growing mass-production model in America, Big Yank couldn’t compete with pricing and maintaining all the little details that made it stand out, switching to production for other brands like Levi’s before eventually closing its doors in the early 90’s. 

Kinji Teramoto, a world-class vintage collector and one of the importers responsible for the Ametora vintage boom in Japan during the 80’s and 90’s, had started 35 Summers to wholesale vintage Americana across Japan. In 2011, Kenji Teramoto and the 35 Summers archives revived Big Yank, carefully recreating both the fabric and details of the original items. Kinji Teramoto is also responsible for reviving Mighty Mac, Rocky Mountain Featherbed and Braggin’ Dragon as well as partnering with French label Anatomica to create new designs inspired by his lifetime of studying heritage design.