Barton Perreira

When Bill Barton (President of Oliver Peoples) put his business prowess behind internationally acclaimed accessories design wizard Patty Perreira for an eyewear line, the results were beyond fashion.

Eyewear is the most difficult design quandary to translate. Individuality peers from every face, it’s where we are our most aesthetically unique, and highlighting the character beneath the lenses takes design at its most elegant revelation.

Perreira’s emphasis on timelessness and continuity of form is high-style design excellence, promoting premium materials to their best composition - saturated hues and unique textures that echo the song of nature’s form. Perreira’s commitment is the evolution of fashion, connecting the history of style with modern innovation, accentuating the individuality of facial shape and gleam of the eye.

Hand-built from the finest materials in an artisan studio in Japan, Barton Perreira eyewear shapes to the complicated story written in the eyes - ready to sit comfortably on the bridge of vision - eyewear that is as satisfying as form sighs with a restrained glamour that whispers confidence without bragging its talent.
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