Atelier & Repairs

After working in the textile and apparel industry for over thirty-five years, Maurizio Donadi wanted to go out on his own, but witnessing the gross waste of production - mountains of excess material tossed into landfills - Maurizio didn’t want just another brand to add to the cutting room floor. Instead, he started an initiative: Atelier & Repairs is a circular process to transform what already exists, eliminating the world’s excess, one stitch at a time.

It started as a tiny, basement repair shop in London with just two tailors that took in people’s well-loved clothes and reinforced them creatively from vintage fabrics found at flea markets. At the same time, they were creating small production runs of reconfigured and redesigned pieces from retired favorites. As Atelier & Repairs grew, Maurizio reached out to industry peers for their leftover and deadstock materials, helping to solve production waste for many brands.

Up-cycling and transforming the forgotten gems and the raw ordinary, A & R creatively weaves the personal and well-lived, the overlooked and forgotten archives of textile history, into unique signatures. Their time consuming slow fashion production deconstructs and examines each piece to determine what it needs for reinforcement and then reconstructs to make it last - transforming and customizing second hand garments. It’s a study of the way people live within their style. 

Clothing mirrors society, and the vision behind Atelier & Repairs shines brightly on a more verdant future. “Produce less, repair more.”