Founded by legendary French style steward Pierre Fournier in 1994, Anatomica started as a Parisian store that sought to bring back European styles, production and to update fitting to be more natural to movement. Noticing that many dress shoes were shaped as if feet are symmetrically pointed, Fournier worked with Alden to build shoes anatomically - a design concept that started with the foot and worked outward. The same approach was then applied to clothing with an emphasis on traditional European fashion blended with workwear function. 

In 2008, Fournier began a collaboration with archivist and brand revivalist Kinji Teramoto (Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Big Yank, Braggin’ Dragon) to redefine Americana through their distinct European and Japanese lenses - adapting styles, production and function to reflect a global experience of menswear classics. Anatomica makes clothing for regular wear, but painstakingly optimized for natural human movement and utility.