Carpe Diem

A really good day is exercise for the brain, a conditioning for happiness, setting the bar of satisfaction achievement. You can hear the call from bone to skin, but it’s easy to get distracted when the sun goes under a cloud and there’s work to be done.

Often, all it takes is a gentle reminder, a sensory flip of the switch, that right combination of triggers that bounces from toes to teeth where a smile waits wisely for its next nostalgia. There’s always excuses to work more, all you need is your own permission.

Banner Day celebrates the good times by elevating the everyday tee to match all the times they’re worn for. Creators Kate Ciepluch and Grahm Sisson combine art that recalls those sunshine moments of total satisfaction with the finest fabrication.

Sourcing illustrations from musician Nick Francis DiFonzo and hand-embroidering his original art onto lightweight, high quality linen tees, Banner Day stitches together the elements of making memories.

Getting dressed every morning is like committing to how the day is going to go - an emotional compass and thermometer.

Anticipate your satisfaction.