Feel Fast and Stay Cool

{{one}}Inventing “The Tuck” position and the first to use metal skis, Jean Vuarnet changed the world of downhill skiing when he came in a full half-second ahead of his competitors in the 1960 Winter Olympic games.

The speed he achieved and the cool grace with which he plummeted down mountain slopes earned himself and the French team an Olympic gold medal.

Photographed shortly after standing at the top of the podium, Jean Vuarnet was sporting the Timeless Icon sunglasses, provided to him by Skilynx Acier, a French eyewear company that supplied glasses to their Olympians. With his strong chin, sharp brow, and piercing gaze beneath shaggy hair, he looked like he belonged next to sex kitten Brigitte Bardot. Perched casually on his head were these iconic glasses.

Everyone wanted to look like the champion of cold, and the French company Skilynx Acier changed their name forever as a tribute to the iconic hero.{{/one}}{{img_one}}
{{/img_one}}{{two}}These glasses are made with the groundbreaking Skilynx lenses, super bright and reflective, that give the protection and clarity of quickly noticing ground undulations in white out conditions, providing all of the sun shield without sacrificing perception.{{/two}}{{three}} {{/three}}