That’s A Smart Jacket.

The Menlo Cossack Jacket by Levi’s has been a staple of American style since the 30’s. This brown leather jacket of signature swagger epitomizes “fits like a glove,” and will become as personal as your fingertips catching snowflakes.

Cut at the waist with a trim confidence, this jacket would look both dapper and tough on a James Bond - and it did exactly that in Skyfall. Construction pulled from early sportswear with a no fuss shirt-collar - it has personality without pretension.

When playboy scientist and father of relativity Albert Einstein first came to America and decided it was a better place for him, he bought himself a minimalist wardrobe to assimilate into American culture. Having a scaled down approach to his closet, (his mind might have been on other things) Einstein needed a jacket he could wear all the time, so he bought this one.

The archeophiles at LVC just recently picked up Einstein’s Menlo Cossack Jacket at auction and will be releasing a faithfully reproduced version in Spring with all the distress of genius.

Or you can stamp one with your own genius starting today.