Spring Trend: Activewear

In today’s world, the boy scout motto of “be prepared” applies to more than keeping a swiss army knife around. We have access to a global library in our back pockets and that constant access has access to us as well. For good or bad, we’re always on our game, ready to work at a moment’s push notification.

So we have to be equally ready to play.

In response to that, fashion trends have relaxed and become more versatile than ever - transitioning from work to play at the turn of a collar.

Rewind a couple hundred years and a gentleman changed his attire three times a day - depending on his work, leisure, and social activities. There’s a direct lineage from these roots of leisure-time sportswear to modern athleticwear and many reasons to be thankful to the suffragettes, synthetic fabrics, streetwear rogues, musicians, and celebrity athletes for laying the groundwork of relaxed style.

The US is not only a hard-working, blue jeans nation; the other major contribution to worldwide fashion is activewear that can turn heads while sailing the streets.

And we’ve been cycling through it, reinventing and refining it since baseball. Polos are still going strong after 100+ years, both on and off the court, and sweats are no longer for just lazy days or boxing montages. Bruce Lee popularized tracksuits in the 70’s, Run DMC kept them going in the 80’s, and A$AP Rocky made a collaboration tracksuit with Needles just this year. There’s real punch to it now that separates the good from the bad with superior cuts, fabrication, and credibility.

Look good and play hard…