Looms That Play Grunge Music

Shuttle Notes Master Cloth puts fabric first, creating woven keystones of cultural significance and designing around it. The textile mill started in 1948 and has been in production for private labels for 70 years, but their name has begun having its own voice when they started production of small collections of their own signature.

Their old fashioned shuttle looms and spinning machines from the 40’s sing with shokunin - the spiritual and material dedication of craft. Slow weaving with lower warp yarn tension creates a softer handfeel and utilizing old spinning machines to make naturally uneven yarns with neps interwoven into the final piece, they read like tablature.

Their heritage craftsmanship and equipment, that continues to out-compete the industrial machines where quality is concerned, are the instruments to create possibility and personality.

The stroke of the hand knows the strands of the spun threads as they lock into the warp to produce something as tactilely satisfying as the sanded grain of hardwood in a chair around the family table.

But Shuttle Notes is not a heritage brand. In their own words, they are “placing the whole history of craftsmanship in concert with the present,” allowing modernity to remember without stepping back.

For this collection, Shuttle Notes master shirtmakers have turned their integrity to the heavy flannels and hunting jackets worn by grunge royalty. The “Sub Pop Shirt Jac” honors the evolutionary and influential record label that put out household names like Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and Nirvana’s “Bleach” as well as countless college radio legends like Sunny Day Real Estate, Beat Happening, and Sleater-Kinney that were traded from mix tape to mix tape - sending us back to the smoky bars of exuberant youth.

The “Olympia Shirt” takes us south to the capital of Washington where our favorite K records bands were a synchronistic heartbeat to the Seattle sound with their own take on art. The two scenes embarked from punk and early metal and a conflation of youth culture happily got lost in the rain - a place where systems anger sometimes gave way to inclusive exploration.

Shuttle Notes homage to the grunge aesthetic is individuality woven individually.