Working Prose - The Story of a Slow Fade

3Sixteen’s shadow selvedge is a midnight blue with a waxlike shine that ages into the complex nightshades of an indigo rainbow. Where the creases of activity progress most, the dusk of a storied fade is like wearing memories.

3Sixteen’s proprietary dye is a raw denim enthusiast’s dream. It’s like naming constellations with a loved one.

With a black weft to slow the roll of revealing too much too quickly, the shadow selvedge is a handsome past and a resplendent future. If you want some denim worthy of your movement, 3Sixteen has you covered with both a jacket and jeans to age as ritually and richly as nightfall.

When you put them on and head out the door, the feeling of every day gets etched in - an encouragement to thrive through the hours. Whether standing in the garden triumphant over the weeds or smiling through grease at busted knuckles and a new alternator, whether strolling the mall and mapping thoughts onto your back-pocket notebook or plugging the jukebox with your favorite songs; shadow selvedge styles the scene.

The Type 3s denim jacket and the slim tapered 120x are the muse of movement and an indigo apex, as cool as riding through the fall.