Remi Relief SS'19 Lookbook

In keeping with last week’s theme of Japanese designers to pay attention to, the much anticipated SS’19 collection from Remi Relief has just arrived and they have a lot to say about your favorites.

The aesthetic is classic menswear. No surprises there. What is surprising is the depth to which Remi Relief goes to make the classics look and feel finer. It’s the mastery of quality and composition.

Working from the heart of Japanese textile manufacturing in Okayama, designer Yutaka Goto modifies each creative process, remixes classic menswear, and removes distracting clutter in his judicious pursuit of the Ultimate Basic. In simpler terms, meticulous attention is given to developing threads, yarns, color, and process. Remi Relief clothing is built - not merely selected and sewn to a pattern.

For example, this season’s Special Finish Fleeces are hand washed and tumbled into the softest and authentically worn-in fabric that you can imagine. It isn’t until after that that the garment is dyed and washed again, creating that feel of vintage without any worn down stress points.

It would take a decade of dedicated wear to get the same results from a similar design, but it still wouldn’t fit as nicely. There’s no pretension to it, just constant pursuit of integrity. And that’s what Remi Relief does: They set the bar for daily favorites.

Though it may not have as obvious of a signature as Kapital, Engineered Garments, or Needles - Remi Relief has its name imprinted on each and every fiber - core quality for daily appreciation.

Visit our YouTube channel here to see a try on video of Remi Relief's SS'19 collection.