Railcar’s New Proprietary Denim

How do you have an authentic heritage denim company in America without a 100 year old history? The answer is Railcar.

It’s only been eight years since Railcar started assembling Japanese and US denim into great jeans, but by adopting the craftsmanship culture that predates the mass manufactured box store charlatanism, Railcar’s jeans won’t fall apart by a loose string. They’re made to work.

Using vintage machines and getting the right needleworkers behind them, Railcar builds from the old school. From the hand stamped rivets to the roping lock hem - everything is done with the pride and integrity of skilled labor. But this dedication to the old ways and the culture it imbibes isn’t just a nostalgic act, nor are the designs just replica heritage products. Railcar has adopted the history of production on ethical and quality standards while modernizing those ideas - developing its craftsmanship with a Singer machine’s total range.

everything is done with the pride and integrity of skilled labor

Early on, Steven Dang, the father of Railcar, discovered that the only way to ensure the highest quality was by doing everything in-house and going slow. It was time to turn down the loom tension and slow weave a slubby treat - a new Railcar signature with all the hallmarks of their superior construction.

After a year of developing, the proprietary denim Journeyman is ready to develop a personal fade. Using a deep, inky indigo with no red cast, it stays as blue as Howlin’ Wolf, but has a faster fade for a future of bright contrasts.

It’s a very unique, very slubby denim with large irregular vertical yarns that are pronounced even when raw. Its plush texture has such nice waves that they absorb some of the construction threads. There’s a love of details and construction here, a pleasure of innovation. The construction is immaculate, and at 15oz they are heavy without setting up like concrete and have a roomier top block cut in a fairly traditional straight leg that salutes the classic 501. The Journeyman Straight Tapered is ready for all the work.

As always with Railcar Fine Goods, everything is constructed in the US - another great way to celebrate Independence Day.