Part 2 of the Paris Buyer's Notes

Women’s fashion tends to be a little ahead of menswear and it’s no surprise that, after seeing the rise (pun intended) of mom jeans, that the 80’s and early 90’s were making a comeback. But just like how mom jeans have undergone a subtle change that works better than before (less pleats and modern, soft tapers), so too are menswear favorites receiving an upgrade.

The 80’s vibe is there, but it just hints at it. The hard lines and sharp silhouettes have been muted and the timeless quality of luxury men’s sportswear has been pushed forward.

You’d be right to notice the influence of 50’s and early 60’s Ivy Trad permeating collections as well. It’s a birds-eye view and balance of the historical record, but the pastels and patterns of the 80’s are back like a good mood. Colors have become warmer and more playful. And in today’s world, it’s a welcome respite.

Engineered Garments. Season after season, EG is always one of our favorite collections. A slightly toned down color and pattern palette with a definite nod to the brand’s archival fit and fabrics. A stellar collection that does what it does best - riding the line between fashion and function. We also got an exciting sneak peek at their spring collaboration with Hoka One One.

Needles. Excited about their inspired takes on classic American sportswear. Bold patterns and luxury fabrics in vintage silhouettes. Particularly loving the Re-Build Collection that links all the pieces with metallic paint splatters.

Nepenthes (Needles, ts(s), and EG). Place was packed with collections and designers. We’ll be welcoming ts(s) to our designers this season. Wait till you see these fabrics…

Man Show where we do a lot of buying in one place. Met with several of our brands (Corridor, Cableami, and La Paz), but also hunted for some new ones (Nanamica, Homecore, and Porter). We have some really cool new accessories and leather goods coming in.

(Left) La Paz. Great patterns with inspiration from sailing and travel. The constellations pattern in this silk bandana is definitely the vibe of the whole collection. (Right) Corridor. Block patterning gives the pieces a warm, rustic feel. Soft, natural coloring with great saturation. Really warm and inviting pieces overall, but still light and playful and perfect for spring.

With many of our returning brands and the new ones we’ve signed, there’s a timeless quality - less statement pieces and more refinement in the day to day reality of what men wear.

It will be a great season to stock up on favorites made better than ever.

Harmony. This is a collection we are really into. Awesome core pieces that will work in any wardrobe. Timeless, while still feeling like fresh takes on the icons. The colors are bold and classic, and the soft suiting and trench coats are standouts. All of it is done in great fabrics at the perfect price.

Braggin' Draggons. This is a brand we discovered at Anatomica in a meeting with Rocky Mountain Featherbed. A brand that was brought back to life by those geniuses. The original was an offshoot made to compete with Lacoste in the 80's by Sears. Great, classic preppy pieces with vintage colors and fit.

There was a lot to see in Paris and we’ll be back soon. One of the highest creative moves a multi-brand retailer like ours can make is in choosing what to stock. The conversations we’ve had with our customers in store and online have helped guide our direction and edit. Thanks for that.

And get excited for Spring '20, because it’s not just hype, it’s a collection built around everyday excellence…

Till then, pick up current season favorites on sale now...