Needles SS'19 Lookbook

Nepenthes house label Needles is the freedom and exploration of style. Heavy-weight historical threads connect to modern methods and cuts with a creative range that is versatile and immersive - the Mike Patton of fashion.

Keizo Shimizu is a designer that has his heart pumping what fashion means culturally and personally - translating style love into cooly casual clothes that are as fine as a bespoke suit.

For SS19, Needles contrasts look and material so successfully that the collection is simultaneously comfortable and punchy.

Blending workwear, military, and sportswear into things that defy categories - Needles has style that we understand so long as we don’t try too hard to explain it.

Styled next to the emblematic Needles' tracksuits is a lot of intricate patterns and bright colors. There’s a lot of taffeta in the mix - a silky and luxurious high-end fabric more often seen in ball gowns - but here emboldens the simple design of the Sport Jacket; refines a western cowboy shirt; and elevates a very casual shirt and shorts combo into the vibe of a 70’s playboy sitting poolside with a first edition Fear and Loathing.

More pieces available than pictured. Check it out…