Monitaly SS'19 Lookbook

Monitaly is a captivating brand. One that defies categories through an enthusiastic understanding of design. It’s where the old teaches the new how to be itself.

An avid vintage collector, designer Yuki Matsuda recreates the soul of style’s legacy. Hunting down the details that makes vintage a rich blend of reliable craftsmanship and fashion, Monitaly combines them into something new - recognizable, but with modern attitudes expressed - taking extra time for fit tests and tailoring them to fit perfectly. And then there’s the fabrics - built stitch by stitch for the finest handfeel and drape.

Monitaly is the visual language of historical depth threaded to today’s silhouette.

This Guayabera honors the formal traditions of Latin culture. Made by hand by the most revered Guayabera specialty tailor in Mexico, Monitaly highlights a fashion that is as clean as it is culturally rich.

The Jute Coat is a design inspired by 1900’s Italian army coats, but set in a patchwork cotton twill - it’s a jacket with the movement of spring. Adding to the traditional one-button flow, Monitaly has added a drawstring waist for versatile styling options.

The Batman Shirt is a unique summer treat. Made with a high-density linen, it has a breezy comfort that is further pronounced by a drape that widens toward the bottom hem. An 80’s style oversized shirt set to a modern shoulder and - though lightweight - is heavy on fine details.

A sportswear inspired pullover made with Monitaly’s exclusive “Vancloth & Sons” fabric. The Mock Neck Pullover is a design inspired by vintage sweatshirts combined with an urban aesthetic. The rounded hem and patch pockets make this a casual go-to with a bold undercurrent.

The open-collared Vacation Shirt is a linen masterpiece. We’re seeing a lot of these this season, but Monitaly’s version checks all the boxes. The French seams lay so clean that they’re like feeling the ocean breeze, keeping you cool while your beverage sweats.