Introducing Old Hands

Started in 2015, Old Hands is a newer brand to the scene and one that exemplifies the progressive fashion of thoughtful Japanese design. Regular readers of this blog know that Japanese fashion houses began their saga with vintage resale and heritage American reproduction (click here for a brief synopsis of that history), but today, Japanese designers like Keizo Shimizu of Needles, Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments, and Toshikiyo and Kiro Hirata of Kapital have stepped out as industry leaders - creating something completely new by interweaving various historical threads.

Taka Kaneki of Old Hands appears to be another of that mix of designers that is continuing the nuanced work that connects modern fashion to the past.

After working as a jeans manufacturer for a decade, Taka Kaneki began Old Hands with that foundational experience and a new direction. Establishing a cafe within the Old Hands boutique in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Kaneki’s designs are fueled through a direct dialogue with customers. With a clever combination of different inputs, his designs are constructed in such a way as to provide a mix of styling options between modern and classic.

We have just a small collection to introduce Old Hands and to highlight what to expect from coming seasons and the future of men’s fashion.

First up is the C&L Easy Pant. A perfect mix of vintage and modern. With a generous, classic leg and a tailored - neat in the seat - top block, these can be worn lower for a classic Ivy look paired with a button-up, sweater, or waist line jacket, or can be worn higher for more volume paired with a tee for a high-fashion streetwear Comme des Garçons look. They’re a smooth and sharp chino made from Supima cotton (a highly regulated standard of extra-long staple fiber) for a soft hand, strength, and richer depth of color and dye retention.

The Giza Tee is a nostalgic interpretation of vintage shirts with a trim fit. What really sets it apart is a vertical stripe weave that creates a texture and shadow play in the natural bright cotton whites.

Keeping to texture, we have the Nep Jacket. Loom chatter has been used to great effect in adding depth to this classic menswear icon. (Read more about what nep does for clothes here.)

Lastly, the C&L Trousers are like formal denim. Cut like sophisticated trousers and hand-dyed in Japanese indigo; they’re fabricated in a cotton/linen blend so they feel like a crisp denim, breathe like linen, and dress up or down.

We’re excited to be the only ones (so far) on this side of the Atlantic to sell Old Hands and to see what they do next.