Into The Forest

The winter solstice is night at its apex - a time of stars and stillness, reflections and resolutions. It is darkness in bloom, the end of the celestial cycle. From this point comes the first steps back into the sunlight’s sanguine return, highlighting the hidden colors of the world quickening into a new year.

And though we return to what we’ve done - it gets polished. So we march through the last morning shadows as the day gains back its strength - dressed for more than what the weather demands - dressed to appreciate each ascending breath.

Over the last two years, our brand list has grown pretty long. Reflecting on the spectacular pieces of the past and looking at it today, it has become a proud collection of history and innovation - a study of personality.

And though there’s a direct link from the past, this caliber of menswear continues to seek new ways of making it better - a combination of new and old technology, materials, and ethical production. Often, the tested and true traditions of craftsmanship are still the best, but there’s also a creativity of solution represented here - inspired combinations that become the new foundation.

One thing that all the brands we hold have in common is that they demonstrate the continuum of value - style without trend. The best things that each of these brands has ever made is perpetually current.

This is design and function at its finest, pure ideas made real and walking around. It’s like someone stole a feeling you had and turned it into clothes. How cool is that?

Happy New Year Everyone! May it be your best one ever…