HOMECORE fw19 Lookbook

The best minimalist clothing design takes simple standards and allows the fabric and cut to stand out. The simplicity of its look conceals the thoughtful fabrication and construction that goes into it, delivering a product of quiet depth and reserved value - an unboastful confidence that looks good because it is good.

HOMECORE has a special perspective - a signature of hidden quality that is a maximalist approach to minimalist clothing. Using only the finest European fabrics, designer Alexandre Guarneri designs through texture, movement, and balance. 

The fabrics are forever comfortable favorites - cotton, wool, and nylon - fabricated with a chorus of textures and cut to align with the natural flow of the body. To further emphasize and compliment that quality are wide wale corduroy and smart knits that pull the eye to the frame.

Movement is a big theme with HOMECORE - introducing raglan sleeves to sweaters, unstuffy mock necks, soft tapers, and ribbed cuffs and hems to keep it all in place - nothing is ever too tight or too baggy.

But there are hidden elements and striking nuance that go beyond the normal fair of minimalist garb. A signature contrasting stitch down the spine of the Baby Brett Sweater, accent pocket flaps and piping on the corduroy jacket, hidden adjustments to personalize your fit on the Gloom Jacket, architectural arches at the hem of the hat, and a few cleverly placed, extra pockets. 

The only place it’s obvious that Guarneri began his career with hip hop and streetwear is with the color block jackets. The twist is that they’re perfectly reversible and depending on your mood or where you’re going, easily double as classic menswear.

HOMECORE is minimalist clothing for sure, but they’re about as stuffed full of details as they can be without crossing into other fashion territories.